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Avail Most Efficient Planet Carrier Volvo Excavator, Hydraulic Oil Seal, Gear Knob, AC Blower Motor Volvo 400-440 Tipper, etc., At Reasonable Prices.

About Us

Heavy duty machines and equipment require more than usual maintenance and lubrication. For companies which understand this fact that along with lubrication and regular maintenance, these machines and equipment need spare parts, never face any difficulty in running production smoothly. Supporting companies in the mining sector for safe and productive work flow, Shiv Mining Equipments is introducing a large array of spare parts. 

Our company started working as wholesaler, trader and exporter in the year 2014. With time, we gained a huge experience of the industry and started introducing spare parts necessary for companies in the mining sector. Our portfolio containing Excavator Control Unit Parts, Leaf Springs For Volvo And Scania Trucks, Engine Control Unit ECU, Komatsu Dozer Parts, to mention few products, is authentic and cost-effective. These spare parts prove the best replacement for a variety of mining machines because they lower production costs, enhance machine performance, increase machine life and production schedule flexibility. 

Our Belief

Maintaining productivity is important for monetary gains in every business which is why we believe in supplying productivity enhancing, quality based spare parts for malfunction heavy duty mining equipment and machines.

Spare Parts Inventory Management

At Shiv Mining Equipments, a systematic approach is applied to maintain inventory of domestically and internationally sourced mining equipment spare parts. We balance gluts and shortages of spares by sourcing the right quantity of spare parts, keeping a record of sourced spare parts and warehousing them systematically. We have experts to report products in stock and sold on a regular basis. This helps us in great inventory management and sufficing needs of customers, especially for urgent delivery. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Our experts recommend right spare part to heavy duty machinery to support customers make cost-effective decision. 
  • We have genuine spare parts for numerous models of Scania Trucks, Volvo Excavator, Volvo Trucks, Komatsu Dozers, etc. 
  • Our Excavator Control Unit Parts, Engine Control Unit ECU, Leaf Springs For Volvo And Scania Trucks, etc., are safely packed and promptly shipped across Indian and International markets. 
  • Our supreme quality spare parts help in decreasing machine downtime and maintaining high productivity.

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